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Practicum Office Staff:

The practicum is based upon the cooperative involvement of the MSW student, Field Instructor(s), Faculty-Field Liaison, Field Education Coordinator (where applicable), and the Practicum Office, in the teaching and evaluation of students’ practicum experience. Each student has a teaching team comprised of the following persons:

  • Field Instructor(s)
  • Faculty-Field Liaison
  • Educational Coordinator at University of Toronto-recognized Teaching Centres and/or other organizations – where applicable

Practicum Team Member Roles

Practicum Student

  • Becomes familiar with the MSW Practicum Manual;
  • Reads, understands, and adheres to the CASW Code of Ethics (2005), and all relevant U of T codes of behaviour and ethical performance;
  • Participates in the practicum selection process;
  • Completes all documentation required for the practicum;
  • Meets practicum time requirements;
  • Registers with U of T Accessibility Services if accommodations are required; Communicates with the Practicum Office, where applicable, when accommodations may be required in practicum.
  • Prepares the Learning Contract in consultation with the Field Instructor(s);
  • Submits a copy of the completed Learning Contract electronically to the Faculty-Field Liaison (FFL), and Educational Coordinator, if applicable;
  • Attends the FFL group meetings held at the FIFSW;
  • Prepares for and actively participates in supervision with the Field Instructor(s)
  • Contacts the FFL with any concerns regarding the practicum;
  • Completes the mid-term and final self-evaluations on the PAS;
  • Provides feedback through surveys/questionnaires to the Practicum Office (voluntary).

Field Instructor

  • Adheres to FIFSW policies, procedures and practicum expectations;
  • Becomes knowledgeable about the FIFSWs competency domains;
  • Orients the student to the practicum setting, including;
    • Safety and workplace policies and procedures (for rotational practicums, this will be provided at the start of each rotation),
    • The overall organization (agency programs and services)
    • Social work role expectations;
  • Ensures the student is provided with a comprehensive orientation, a place to put their personal belongings, computer, telephone, private space for recording;
  • Completes all required FIFSW documentation;
  • Ensures the practicum profile on the PAS is accurate and current;
  • Provides social work supervision including opportunities for the student to develop FIFSW competencies; (Year 1 competencies; Year 2/advanced standing competencies).  Regular direct observation of a student’s work is essential for teaching and evaluation. Supervision is a protected confidential time within which the student can engage in critical self-reflection; question and analyze their interventions and progress; question and develop one’s identity as a future practitioner; and develop understanding of their relationship with colleagues.  Supervision provides an opportunity for students and field instructors to develop mutually respectful relationships;
  • Demonstrates and encourages the integration of social work theory and practice;
  • Contacts the Faculty-Field Liaison (FFL) with any concerns regarding the student in the practicum;
  • Completes the mid-term and final student evaluations on the PAS;
  • Attends FIFSW Professional Development Workshop Series (recommended).

Faculty-Field Liaison (FFL)

  • Is the link between FIFSW, the student, the Field Instructor, and the Educational Coordinator (where applicable);
  • Provides ongoing linkages with field instructors regarding the school’s academic curriculum;
  • Receives the students’ learning contract, and contributes to its development;
  • Reviews the midterm and final evaluations and submits the course credit to the Practicum Office;
  • Consults and supports the students and Field Instructor(s) if requested;
  • Facilitates group meetings with students at FIFSW;
  • Selects and makes available educational resources upon request.

Educational Coordinator (where applicable)

  • Oversees that the student is provided with the necessary tools for the practicum (orientation, space, accommodations, to name a few);
  • Is available to field instructor(s) and students in their organization for consultation and problem solving;
  • Ensures the practicum descriptions and requirements on the PAS practicum profile  are current and complete;
  • Reviews student learning contracts, mid-term and final student evaluations.

Practicum Office

  • Recruits, secures and monitors practicum opportunities;
  • Matches students with practicums;
  • Offers professional development workshops for field instructors;
  • Hosts information sessions and student forums;
  • Responds to feedback from stakeholders to ensure quality standards and implement  ongoing improvements;
  • Oversees all administrative tasks associated with FIFSW practicums;
  • Meets with students to discuss private concerns.