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Quercus mandatory training and immunization requirements for healthcare settings

The practicum assignment process will soon be underway.  In preparation, we want to advise students of mandatory training and forms required before the Practicum I course begins in January 2021.

All organizations may expect students to meet specified requirements in order to secure a practicum.  These are listed on the Practicum Administration System (PAS).  We recommend students confirm whether there are requirements at the practicum interview once the practicum matches are assigned.  Compliance with requirements is confirmed by the student directly with the field instructor(s) with 2 exceptions that are confirmed by the Practicum Office:

(1) Mandatory COVID-19 modules which the student completes on Quercus, and

(2) The FIFSW immunization form for students placed in hospitals, which is submitted to the FIFSW contracted nurse, Esther Koven.

  1. Student safety and training:

All students are required to complete the mandatory COVID-19 curriculum on Quercus.  Students registered in SWK4701H will be given access to the module.

Please review the Critical Information for Practicum Students. 

Additional information is available through the Office of the Vice-Provost, Students: Student Placements.

  1. Students who MAY be placed in a hospital setting:

As set out in the Public Hospital Act, 1990 (PHA), the attached FIFSW immunization form is required for students assigned a practicum in a hospital setting for January 2021.  For settings which do not fall under the PHA, there may be immunization requirements.  However the FIFSW immunization form is not required.

If you are assigned to a PHA organization, please begin the process with your health care provider.  Expect it will take a minimum of two weeks to have the immunization form completed, and can take longer if additional bloodwork or tests are required.  Holiday schedules may limit appointment availability and can delay test results.  Should you wish to wait until you are matched to have the immunization form completed by a health care provider, be aware that your practicum cannot commence until compliance is confirmed by our contracted nurse.   Students need only submit the immunization form once, and are not required to re-submit for the Practicum II course.

Please review the following information related to:

  • immunization compliance
  • influenza vaccination, and
  • mask fitting for N95 respirator.


The PAS description indicates when the agency falls under the PHA.  As such, the immunization requirements apply.  Please refer to the practicum details, which show:  Agency falls under the Public Hospitals Act: YES

To comply with the PHA, all students placed in a public hospital are expected to have their immunizations up-to-date.  Students are required to have the attached immunization form completed in its entirety by a healthcare provider (e.g. Physician, Nurse Practitioner, Occupational Health Nurse), then scanned and e-mailed in confidence to Esther Koven ( by December 11, 2020.  Send only the 2 completed pages of the form; do not include the instructional pages.  Failure to submit this form by the deadline or submitting an incomplete form may result in a delayed start to your practicum.


The University of Toronto requires all students completing a practicum in Toronto Academic Health Sciences Network (TAHSN) hospitals to follow “Vaccinate-or-Mask” protocols during this flu season.  All students who are placed in TAHSN hospitals are required to either be vaccinated against influenza or wear a procedure mask during influenza season in areas where patients are present and patient care is delivered.   You will be expected to provide proof of vaccination on the first day of practicum.

  • If your practicum is being completed within a non-TAHSN healthcare facility, we encourage you to inquire about the organization’s influenza policy during your interview and voluntarily follow their established practices.

Mask Fitting for N95 Respirator:  Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, students cannot easily arrange N95 respirator/mask fitting.  Some sites may assist with this.  Please discuss with the field instructor during the interview.

Thank you for your attention to these important matters.   Contact the Practicum Office with questions.