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Becoming Field Educators


“Students make us come alive, and they hold us accountable. It is prestigious to be a field instructor. Sometimes they even give us gifts and feed us! Students give us a different perspective, they say something different….They keep us fresh and client-focused.”
Emeline Homonoff, 2008


The development of competence in the professional practice of social work is a primary objective of all social work programs. Field education offers students learning opportunities through which knowledge can be integrated and applied to practice, and competence in practice skills can be developed. Indeed, it has been identified as the most significant component of the social work curriculum in preparing competent, effective, and ethical social workers (Bogo 2015).

Your current field instructor as well as your Faculty-Field Liaison, are sources of information about your future role as a field instructor. Check out the links below to learn about other experiences. We hope that you are inspired to become a social work educator of tomorrow.


Videos on Becoming Field Instructors:

Blair Audet, FIFSW Alumna

Rob MacFadden, FIFSW Professor Emeritis