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Excellence in Field Education Awards

The Factor-Inwentash Faculty of Social Work (FIFSW) established the Excellence in Field Education Awards to recognize excellence in our partners in social work education – field instructors.

In spring 2014, based on established criteria, nominations were received from field instructors, education coordinators, faculty-field liaisons, field educators, faculty and students. The Review Committee, comprised of Practicum Office staff, faculty, field and students, selected the following recipients of the Excellence in Field Education Awards.

Criteria for Selection included:

• Provides opportunities for student to:

– observe field instructor’s practice and practice of others in the setting

– be observed and engage in reflective discussion about practice and use of self

– link practice to social work theory and research

• Stimulates, challenges and develops the intellectual and practical capacity of their student
• Demonstrates sensitivity to student’s differing learning needs and styles
• Promotes integrity and adherence to professional standards and ethics
• Is accessible to their student
• Provides a supportive learning relationship
• Facilitates a culture of education through the development of structures such as policies, standards of practice, and practices such as research and evaluation on education
• Engages in effective collaboration with colleagues and FIFSW
• Designs and coordinates creative measures to provide educational opportunities for students
• Contributes to the development of new initiatives in / redesign or enhancement of existing process of student education

The following are recipients of the Excellence in Field Education Award
Illana Perlman
Marlene Duarte-Giles
Karen Gold
Melissa Cutler
David MacFarlane
Mabel Ho
Andrea Sharp
Ingrid Kuran


Awards  presented October 29 2014 at the FIFSW 100th Anniversary Opening Events.