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Students who are participating in the Work/Education Placement Agreement /Post Secondary have Health Care Coverage through either WSIB or ACE INA Insurance.  The way in which this this is determined is by determining
what type of coverage the placement employer has.  Example:

Student Social Worker #1 has a placement at Mount Sinai Hospital, we ask, do Mount Sinai employees have WSIB coverage.  If yes, then the student nurse also has WSIB coverage.  However, if there is an accident,
it is not the Mount Sinai WSIB firm number that is charged, but the Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development who administers and pays WSIB for the program.

Student Social Worker #2 has a placement with Dr. Smith a private practitioner.  We ask, does Dr Smith’s employees have WSIB coverage.  Most likely no, then should the student have an accident – ACE INA Insurance
Report is completed.  The Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development also covers the cost of the private insurance coverage.

On the Placement Agreement Form, the three parties that are to sign the form are the student, post-secondary institution and the work placement employer.  The work placement employer is defined by WSIB as a placement host (a person with whom a training agency places a trainee to give the trainee work skills and experience).  The placement host is not the
employer. The student is not an employee.