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Leave/Withdrawal from the Faculty

Temporary Leave from the Faculty

For exceptional health problems or serious personal circumstances, and for parental leave to provide full time care in the first year of parenting a new child, a student may apply for a pause in his/her studies of up to three consecutive terms (fall, winter and summer). To apply for a leave download the form from the School of Graduate Studies. Normally the start and finish of the leave would coincide with the beginning or end of the session.

Withdrawal from the Faculty

If you decide to withdraw from the program, the procedure is as follows:

  • Complete a School of Graduate Studies Program Withdrawal Form available from the web site.
  • Rebate of fees, if any, is determined by the date on which your withdrawal form is received at the SGS. Charges for fees are pro-rated from the beginning of the academic year to the effective date of withdrawal on the basis of a twenty-week program. Your full academic fee will be refunded if you withdraw during the first two weeks of the program. Incidental fees are not refundable after December 31st.

When your Program Withdrawal Form has been signed by the Associate Dean, Academic or PhD Director, you are responsible for taking the form to the School of Graduate Studies, 63 St. George Street.