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Educational Review

An Educational Review Committee can be convened if it seems evident to you, your faculty advisor, the Associate Dean, Academic, or your instructor(s), that you are encountering difficulties in achieving the educational and professional learning objectives of yourself and the Factor-Inwentash Faculty of Social Work (FIFSW). In general FIFSW students’ learning and behaviour will be guided by standards that are congruent with the Canadian Association for Social Work Education (CASWE) Code of Ethics.

Examples of educational and professional learning objectives may include:

  • Academic competence in course work assignments;
  • Professional behaviour related to academic activities, including time management and respectful classroom behaviour with peers and instructor;
  • Appropriate, respectful organizational interactions outside class with teaching faculty, current or potential field instructors, administrative staff and other students;
  • Practicum behaviour at a sufficient level of demonstrated professional competence when working with or on behalf of clients, organizations and other practitioners (including field educators and other students).

You may need to consider rescheduling your academic work, developing a modified program, or making other changes that Faculty policies may accommodate. A review goes beyond the regular process of program advising and assessment.

  • When appointed, you and your Educational Review Committee will go over your program and progress and decide what amendments, if any, to recommend in your program.
  • The Educational Review Committee does not approve grades or act as an appeal body, but provides a forum for mutual problem-solving.
  • The Committee is convened at your request, or on the initiative of your faculty advisor, or the Associate Dean, Academic.
  • The Associate Dean, Academic invites those persons appropriately related to the purpose of the meeting (faculty, field instructor, field liaison, yourself). You should discuss this membership with the Associate Dean, Academic.
  • The Associate Dean, Academic chairs the meeting.
  • Minutes and recommendations of the meeting are recorded and a copy is filed in your docket.