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Academic Records

Access to Your Student Docket

As a registered student you may see your docket at the Factor-Inwentash Faculty of Social Work through the Registrar’s Office, Room 252, but there are some restrictions. Portions of the record which comprise letters of reference which have been obtained on the expressed or implied understanding that they shall be maintained in confidence (e.g., related to a student’s admission) may not be examined. See the SGS web site for the Policy on Access to Official Student Academic Records.

Ordering Transcripts

Transcripts can be ordered online at ACORN. Your grades are confidential and under no circumstances is a grade stated verbally or in writing to a person requesting a reference. Supplying transcripts is the responsibility of the University of Toronto Transcript Centre and they are given only to you or, at your request, are sent to another educational institution or other place you designate. For further information about transcripts.

Reference Letters

If you need an official reference letter from the Faculty, you should speak with your faculty advisor. Here are several things to keep in mind:

It is Faculty policy to give only written references in response to a request; any member of the University-employed teaching staff may write and sign reference letters for you. A faculty member would normally write a reference based only on his or her personal contacts with you. It is your responsibility to let the referee know if the letter is to be the official school reference covering your total performance, or whether you want it to cover only the faculty member’s knowledge of you in some of your course work.

You also may ask an agency-employed practicum instructor for a reference but their letter will not be considered as an official Faculty reference. Some agencies do not allow their field instructors to write references. You may then ask your faculty field liaison. Your Faculty referee files copies of your reference letters in your docket.

During the time you are enrolled in courses, any reference letter will be brief, and indicate that a full evaluation can be provided only after grades have been recorded. If you have finished one year of the MSW and are not planning to return for your second year, references are concerned only with your course work and make no statement that you are ready for professional practice. A reference letter from a faculty member may be addressed “TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN” for the Graduate Dossier Service only.

If you have been out of the program for more than three years, the official Faculty reference provides only basic information: the dates of your registration and whether or not you completed the program.

If you apply for advanced work or an academic position an exception may be made to some of the rules above.