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September 15, 2020 | Practicum update for students re contact with COVID-19 positive persons

After careful consultation with FIFSW faculty and staff, field office staff from other health science units, and education leads at hospitals, we have determined FIFSW students can be in contact with someone who is knowingly COVID-19 positive or presumed to be COVID-19 positive.

This decision will be most relevant to students and field instructors engaged in an in-person practicum.

We recognize that risk of contacting COVID-19 cannot be entirely removed, and that existing safety protocols further minimizes risk since: 

  • FIFSW students are required to complete online COVID training found on Quercus, before commencing a practicum, and expected to follow relevant protocol.
  • Practicum sites are responsible for providing safety information and equipment to students, employees and the public, as per Toronto Public Health directives.

An additional consideration in making this decision was the potential for increased learning opportunities when responding to a pandemic.

The safety of our students is of utmost concern. Therefore students should immediately contact their Faculty-field liaison if either of these points are not being adhered to.

After discussion with their field instructors, students who feel they cannot continue in their current in-person practicum with this restriction removed may:

  • Contact their Accessibility Advisor for direction on accommodation
  • Withdraw from their current practicum and be assigned a virtual practicum.

Please don’t hesitate to contact your Faculty-Field Liaison if you wish to receive direction and support with any of these points.