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Accessibility services

I am a student registered with Accessibility Services and I’m concerned about doing well in online formats?  Can I request accessibility related accommodations?

We recommend you start by contacting your instructor to see what individual accommodations can be considered for your course. If this is not a realistic option, or if you still have questions or concerns, please consult your Accessibility Advisor to discuss next steps.   Special updates for students registered at Accessibility Services can be found at:

I am a student who usually writes tests and exams with accessibility related accommodations?  What are my next steps?

Students should continue to register to receive accessibility related accommodations for their test/exams using the Accessibility Services  Student Portal.  Accommodated Testing Services will be reaching out to you in order to provide you with an option to write either online with the class as scheduled, or at the Test Centre on 255 McCaul Street. Please note that the accommodations that can be provided through online testing arranged by the instructor (i.e. if you are not writing at the test centre) are limited to extra time only. If writing at the Test Centre, staff will work to put in place your regular accommodation plan.

> Click here for more information on Accessibility Services during COVID-19