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SWK 4510H web – Research for Evidence-Based Social Work Practice (web-based) - Required

SWK 4510H is a prerequisite for all second year required courses – students in the Two-Year MSW Program take this course in the first year of the Two-Year Program. Students in the One-Year MSW Program with Advanced Standing take this course in the first term of their program.

Rubin, Allen & Bellamy, Jennifer (2012). Practitioner’s Guide to Using Research for Evidence-Based Practice.  New Jersey: Wiley.

This class covers the same material that is covered in the ‘in-class’ SWK 4510 course, but will rely more heavily on bulletin board postings and other forms of new media. Marks for the online course are typically based on a mid-term paper, a final evidence based review paper, weekly quizzes, and weekly posts and activities. All activities are completed online. 

Evidenced Based Social Work Practice is a systematic approach to making decisions that emphasize (1) formulating questions; (2) locating, evaluating and interpreting the relevant research evidence; (3) applying best available evidence to the initial context; and (4) evaluating the implementation of the decision. Using a web-based, problem-based learning model, students will learn how to pose an answerable question; locate, evaluate, and interpret the best evidence available relative to a number of social work policy and practice questions; and begin learning how to apply this information in their work with clients. Supported by a series of interactive research methods tutorials, students develop an understanding of some of the basic quantitative and qualitative research designs and methods appropriate for answering policy and practice questions.