For Current Field Instructors

Year I Interview and Practicum Matching Schedule

Thursday November 2, 2017: The Practicum Office opens the Practicum Administration System (PAS) for students to view all available practicums.

Tuesday November 7, 2017: Students submit 7 selections into the PAS.

November 7 – November 13, 2017:  Practicum Office runs the algorithm.

Monday November 13, 2017: The PAS opens for field instructors and students to view the match.

November 14 – December 8, 2917:  Interviews occur.  Following the interview, if you have concerns about the match, please contact Mindy Coplevitch, Practicum Coordinator, (416) 978-5664.  You are NOT REQUIRED to contact us if the match is going forward.  Please Note: Not all students and not all practicums will be matched at this first stage. This is not unusual. The Practicum Office will keep you informed.

December 8, 2017: Professional development for field instructors: Orientation and Integrating Theory and Practice

REGISTRATION (In person or by webinar)

December 2017: Faculty Field Liaison assignments are finalized.

Wednesday January 10, 2018:  First day of practicum!

Professional Development Schedules

Year 1 Field Instructors 2017-2018

Year 2/Advanced Standing Field Instructors 2017-2018

Field Instruction Standards

Addressing Challenges in Supervision

Risk Reduction and Student Safety

Student safety is of paramount concern.  The Checklist I Practicum Safety and Learning and  Checklist II Practicum Learning and Reflection have been developed to assist the field instructor and student with key components for the practicum.


Sample Evaluation – Direct Practice

Sample Evaluation – Indirect Practice

Instructions for completing student practicum evaluations on the Practicum Administration System (PAS)

For Year 1 Field Instructors

Professor Marion Bogo has developed a 13 ½ minute video for Year 1 Field Instructors to explain the relationship between the first semester courses, Elements in Social Work and Social Work Laboratory, and Practicum I. The video is available at

Bridging Class and Practicum_ Competencies complements the video.

Interprofessional Education Materials

IPE Tip Sheet for Field Instructors

IPE Activity 1 – Participation in Interprofessional Team Education

IPE Activity 2 – Interviewing Shadowing a Team Member

IPE Activity 3 – Participation in Team Meetings

Link to Resource Room

Other Resources

Ellen Katz – Five Minute Mindfulness Practice

Social Work/Maatskaplike Werk 2014:50(4)