Applied Mindfulness Meditation

This program is intended to teach mindfulness meditation practices with a focus on its various applications within a wide range of personal and professional domains.

Whether you are interested in

  • delving into a historical perspective of mindfulness meditation
  • learning psychotherapeutic strategies
  • enabling learning through contemplative education
  • enhancing your mentorship and/or teaching abilities
  • enhancing focus through contemplative arts
  • encouraging mind and body health
  • developing healthier work environments and communities
  • becoming a mindful leader
  • studying the neuro-ethics of mindfulness

This certificate program will foster the development of your practice, knowledge, skills, and sensitivities.

There are four levels of training offered in this program. To learn more about each level of certification in Applied Mindfulness Meditation, please click on a link below:

Level A

Foundations in Applied Mindfulness Meditation

Level B

Applied Mindfulness Meditation Specialist

Level C

Methodological Approaches to Mindfulness and Mindfulness Meditation

Level D

Special Lectures and Webinars

Certificates are issued upon perfect attendance and completion of all assignments, if applicable, in Levels A, B and C. No certificate is issued for Level D.

Levels A and B can be completed concurrently, but the Level B certificate will not be issued until the Level A certificate requirements have been completed. For optimal learning, we recommend that the Level A modules be taken in sequence.

Any absence may result in the withholding of the certificate.

No experience in Mindfulness Meditation is required to enrol in this program, but we recommend that learners take, at least, the first two Level A modules before entering into other Levels.

Applied Mindfulness Meditation Open House

Thursday, September 17, 2015
6pm – 8pm

Free, but registration required. See Registration for instructions.

Join us, and have your questions about Applied Mindfulness Meditation answered, your issues addressed, and then participate in a brief session at this two-hour introduction to our certificate program. Certificate Program Director, Michele Chaban and others will be present to answer your questions, and help in the planning of your study.